Tachoscan® Control

This version has been recognised and chosen by Polish and European control authorities.

At present, TachoScan Control is used by:
TachoScan® software is covered with a warranty which includes updates to suit changing regulations, providing new solutions and functions in the software. Warranty also involves service and technical support.
We offer also a professional software training and support in software implementation.
If you are interested in our software and its functions like Manipulation warnings, please contact us on e-mail: export@inelo.pl or telephone +48 33 496 58 71. We are willing to come and present you the functions created in cooperation with many Transport Inspections.

Benefits of TachoScan® Control:

In addition, TachoScan® Control developer, INELO, is an active member of an international association - CORTE. The company takes part in regular meetings in Brussels and co-authors the projects that have an impact on road transport regulations, and uses its expertise in every-day work by informing the Customers about new interpretations or planned amendments in European law.



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