Tachoscan® Driver

Some 90% of the violations that drivers tend to commit are caused frequently by insufficient familiarity with in-force traffic regulations. When on his way, driver is not concerned with how much longer can he drive the car, how many hours’ of rest has he got left, or how to plan his activities for the days to come. Most important thing is reaching the end of the journey.

Make use of our ground-breaking solution which will assist drivers in their daily work routine and at the same time let avoid paying fines that are imposed by road checks.
The TachoScan® Driver is a program which will provide your employee with regular information on:
- for how long he can drive the car
- what kind of rest he can get in the nearest time.

The programme fulfils two basic functions:

How does the TachoScan Driver® work?

The programme installed on a mobile computer analyses driving time as well as violations, using for that purpose driver card collected data.
Once driver card is read, in the main summary window some basic information will appear, including:


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