TachoScan® 4.5.1 changes

New functions to calculate the minimum wage in Italy and the Netherlands

A mechanism allowing for the calculation of compensation for working time in Italy and the Netherlands, based on the provisions applicable in those countries, was added .

TachoScan introduces a number of new features that allow you to settle the minimum wage:
  • The possibility to calculate of the minimum remuneration due in the contract editing was added.
  • The minimum wage rate is defined in the TachoScan -> "[181] Minimum wages in foreign countries" menu:
  • - the Netherlands - one, general minimum wage of € 8.96 is applicable (for drivers at the age of more than 23),
  • - Italy - there are 3 categories depending on the type of combination vehicle driven. (See the "Table of minimum monthly rates" topic for more). [LINK]
  • A summary of the results of calculating the minimum wage due for working time in the above countries is available on the "Reports" menu:
  • - "[176] Records of working time in foreign countries";
  • - "[179] List of settlements in other countries."



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