TachoScan® 4.5.1 changes

The possibility of selecting the driver professional qualification group with the relevant wages for drivers working in the territory of france

In the TachoScan -> "[181] Minimum wages in foreign countries" menu, the minimum remuneration rates for each professional qualification group were added, together with the corresponding rates and periods, in accordance with the collective agreement in France.
The description of the professional qualification groups is available in the help >>> LINK

You can select a qualification group or enter the rate manually in the employee contract.

Choosing a qualification group results in no need for annexing when changing rates for individual groups.

Note! During the update, the program automatically assigns the appropriate group based on the rate already entered:
  • If the current rate is € 9,67 the chosen category is: the general minimum rate;
  • If the current rate matches one of the category rates, the program assigns it to the appropriate category (e.g. € 9.68 will be assigned to 3bis category);
  • If the current bid does not match any category, the program leaves it unchanged.

We recommend to verify after updating that drivers have the appropriate group assigned.



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