TachoScan® 4.5.1 changes

New functions to calculate the minimum wage in Austria in accordance with the collective agreement for the transport of goods

A mechanism allowing for the calculation of compensation for working time in Austria, based on the local provisions, was added. It is worth mentioning that the program includes daily and weekly overtime, along with 50% and 100% allowances, according to the Austrian Collective Labour Agreement. Other allowances for drivers working in Austria under the collective agreement, i.e. Austrian travelling allowance and / modation allowance, are also included in the calculation.

TachoScan introduces a number of new features that allow you to settle the minimum wage in Austria:
  • The possibility to select the calculation of the minimum remuneration due in the contract editing was added.
  • The categories of drivers along with their rates are described in the help: LINK
  • In the "Basic data" -> "[014] Settings" menu, "Minimum Wage - Foreign Countries" tab, "Austria" tab was added containing a number of options to specify the minimum wage calculation rules.
  • In the TachoScan -> "[178] Minimum daily rate in foreign countries" menu, default rates of travel allowances from the collective agreement for the carriage of goods in Austria were added:
  • Board rate/subsistence allowance € 26.40;
  • Accommodation rate: € 15.00.
  • Board rate/subsistence allowance: regular transport € 17.88; occasional transportation € 22.68
  • Accommodation rate: regular and occasional transport € 4.38
  • Rate for arduous work: € 0.98 or € 1.22 depending on the type of work performed

  • An automatic calculation of the seniority was introduced. For seniority to be calculated automatically, first indicate which category the driver belongs to. The date from which the seniority is calculated can be set in the menu ("Basic Data" -> "[005] Employees" -> "Edit Employee" -> "Settings - other countries" tab). By default, the seniority is calculated from the date of the first contract entered into the program. The user may enter a different date, without the need for introducing additional contracts.
  • A summary of the results of calculating the minimum wage due for working time in Austria is available on the "Reports" menu:
  • - "[176] Records of working time in foreign countries";
  • - "[179] List of settlements in other countries."



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