TachoScan® 4.4.3 changes

Other changes:

  • In "Basic data -> [014] Settings -> Minimum wage - other countries" section in the "Germany" and "Norway" tabs new option "Calculate the value of the amounts with respect to the exchange rate" was added.
  • In "Start [F2]" tab the shortcut "Print notification Germany" was added.
  • The "Calculate minimum wage payable for the work time in the territory of foreign countries at the rates" table was moved in "Edit employee" window from "Basic data" tab to the "Employment" records.
  • Beta version of Spanish and Portuguese languages were added to the program.
  • "Security" check box was added in "Outgoing mail server configuration" frame in the [014] "Settings" window on tab "Administration panel" -> "Email - Agenda".
  • For Belarus, currency exchange rate conversion and currency was changed from "BYR" into "BYN".
  • The intermediate "TachoScan" item in "Reports" menu was removed.
  • Update of the Romanian tariff.
  • A new report "Evidence delovnega časa osebe" was added in Slovenian language.
  • In the "view/edit a day from the driver card" on the driver daily chart, the option to add, edit and delete entries of start and end countries was added.



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