TachoScan® 4.4.3 changes

End of support Windows® XP/2003 Server and Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000.

Starting from 1 January 2017 TachoScan technical support has been discontinued for the following operating systems: Windows® XP and Windows Server® 2003.
We recommend upgrading your operating system to a higher version ("Windows® 7" minimum) or possibly to reinstall the program into another computer with a later version of Windows® operating system (contact your system administrator or IT personnel).

Additionally, all the new versions of TachoScan® after this date will not work on Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000. After running the new version of TachoScan a message with a warning will display to all users working on this version of SQL Server and by clicking it the users will have the possibility to update this server to SQL Server™ 2008R2 Express.



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