TachoScan® 4.3.1 changes

Other changes

  • Infringement for reduced weekly rest period of less than 24 hours will appear in the period in which incorrect rest period was taken, and in the period in which the deadline for receiving compensation expires.
  • In all the places in the program, which show the time of the driver card insertion/withdrawal event, the precision was increased to seconds.
  • In the remaining program modules, the possibility to save reports in csv format was disabled.
  • In the "Entries and exits from the territory of other countries (253)" list, when importing sections from a file, a new warning was added if the date field in the opened file is empty;
  • In the program settings window ("Basic data -> [014] Settings" menu) in the "TachoScan -> Infringements - Analysis" tab, "Analyze too short daily rests in exact 24-/30-hour periods - guidance note 7" option was added.



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