TachoScan® 4.3.1 changes

Automatic calculation of adjustments to minimum wages in the territory of Norway

The latest update introduces a number of changes to enable automatic calculation of working time on the territory of Norway:

In contract editing, a special table was introduced to allow adding selected employees to calculating the minimum wage for the time of work in the territory of Germany or Norway.

The possibility of specifying whether the entry/exit record applies to the territory of Germany or Norway was added.

The previous "Entering and leaving the German territory" report was changed into "Entering and leaving a foreign country territory," and options for generating settlement for the territory of Germany and the territory of Norway were added in the new version of the report.

A new report: "Summary records of working time in foreign countries" was added, where the minimum wage calculated for selected employees for the working time in the territory of Germany and Norway is demonstrated.



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