TachoScan® 4.3.1 changes

Full support for Windows® 10

Windows® 10 does not allow the installation of SQL Server 2000 on which 4Trans® previously run by default. After the program update, you can install higher versions (2008R2 or 2014) of Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, a special mechanism was created to facilitate the upgrade of your system to Windows® 10 with a specially prepared manual available under the link: "Upgrading to Windows® 10."
NOTE! Before you upgrade your operating system, make sure you read this manual.

New installations of the program will also work by default on SQL 2008 or SQL 2014 R2 depending on your operating system, to allow a seamless installation and work on systems from Windows® XP to Windows® 10. To ensure data security, a special "INELO Service" for automatic backup of database for SQL Servers was created. It is installed with the latest version of 4Trans®.



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