TachoScan® 4.2.3 changes

Automatic calculation of compensation for working time on German territory

The latest version of the program features changes allowing to automatically calculate wages compensation for working time on German territory:

  • A report generating the application of mobile workers for work on German territory
  • In contract edition, an option allowing to include an additional remuneration component per hour of work on German territory was added.
  • In TachoScan menu, "Entering and leaving the German territory" option allowing to define the entry and exit from the territory of Germany as well as functions enabling automatic import of data from xls or csv files prepared in a specific format were added.
  • Support for the quarterly exchange rates, necessary for the settlement of compensation for the time of work on the German territory, was introduced. The currency exchange rate is published for each quarter in accordance with the Council Regulation (EEC) No. 574/72.
  • A new report "Records of working time in Germany" showing drivers' working time on German territory for individual days was prepared; the report is generated in German language.



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