TachoScan® 4.2.2 changes

Other changes:

  • In the splash screen, a quick-launch button allowing to search for the program options according to a phrase and containing options divided into: Most used, Last used and My shortcuts was added.
  • The possibility to change the colour scheme in the program settings in the "Main -> Appearance settings" tab was added. Currently, there are four schemes available: Basic, Alberta, Kofu and Simberi.
  • In the side toolbar, icon highlight colour was changed.
  • In the "Start" tab, "Last used" frame was changed into "Most used."
  • In the "Most used" frame, an icon from the menu will be displayed instead of the item code.
  • Functions not available for logged in user are greyed out and inactive.
  • In a new tab, up to six screens the most frequently used program windows will be displayed instead of a blank page.
  • The layout and appearance of application windows in the "Basic data" tab was changed.
  • In the add/ edit date window, in "Agenda" module, a frame allowing to select multiple users was added.
  • In the print previews of the program list, an option to adjust the column width was added and a default file name when saving in PDF format was introduced.
  • When a user other than the administrator logs in for the first time, ‘add new company’ window or ‘choose an active company’ field appears.
  • In the program settings window, buttons OK, Apply and Cancel were removed - settings are stored automatically as the changes are introduced.
  • The content of "4TransKonfig" database was moved to "4TransMDF" (4TransKonfig database will not be removed);
  • The possibility to run the program in "single user" mode was blocked.
  • The number of windows that can be opened in the program to avoid exceeding the memory usage limit was increased.
  • In the ‘add/ edit document’ window, in the "Attached files" tab, an icon to send files by e-mail was added.
  • Double-clicking with the left mouse button on the name of the active company located in the bottom bar of the program will open the edit window for that company.
  • Support for new versions of MSSQL Server 2014 was added.
  • The mechanism for selecting drivers and/or vehicles in the "Digital files export" window and "Drivers' infringements in general" report generation window was changed.
  • Not acknowledged infringements (in the "Driver infringements" report) will not be displayed in "Weekly control of driver's working and resting time" and "Drivers' infringements in general" reports.
  • The appearance and colour scheme of weekly and monthly chart were changed.
  • In the view/ edit window day of a day from the driver card the possibility to insert/ change events into "No data" was added.
  • When viewing the record sheets, periods for which "was on sick leave", "was on annual leave" and "was on leave or rest" attestations were issued will be skipped.
  • Country codes and tachograph manufacturer codes were updated.
  • In the Slovenian version of the program, an auto-numbering mechanism of attestations of activities was added.
  • In the case of incomplete readings of tachographs, e.g. due to locking with another company card, on the list of downloaded days there is an information about lack of data, and in addition days without data are highlighted in the data continuity calendar window.
  • Two new reports: "Drivers report from digital tachograph (174)" and "List of drivers' rests (175)" were added.
  • In the daily view of operations from the digital tachograph, three types of events are specified graphically: removal/ insertion of the card with or without the entry of the country and a driver's manual entry specifying the country of starting/ ending work
  • On the daily chart of activities from the driver card and digital tachograph the possibility to zoom all visible charts simultaneously was introduced.
  • On the data read from the digital tachograph, in the new "List of controls" tab, a full history of checks is presented.
  • AETR 2010 – deviation in the analysis of weekly rest periods specified in Art. 8 point 6c.
    For incorrectly shortened, required regular weekly rest period, the program checks if since the previous shortened weekly rest period all driving periods were performed in a team. If so, the rest is recognized as correct (no infringement). In such situation, compensation for reduced rest is required.



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