TachoScan® 4.2.2 changes

Driver's available working time

In the TachoScan module, "Driver's available working time (171)" a functionality so far available only in TachoScan Driver was added. Based on the entered data, the program calculates and presents current information on working time available for the driver:
  • The remaining driving time without a break (a maximum of 4.5 hours)
  • The remaining driving time within a day (a maximum of 9 or 10 hours) and the remaining number of extensions of daily driving time up to 10 hours during the current week
  • The remaining driving time in a current week according to the weekly limit (56 hours), or the two-weeks limit (90 hours)
  • Information about the start time of weekly rest period and available shortenings of the rest period to 9 hours
  • Information about the time of starting the next weekly rest period and whether the regular rest period of at least 45 hours is required
  • A list of all compensations of weekly rest periods and their deadlines
    The latest function of the program is especially useful in a situation where it is possible to download current driver card data in the company or through devices that enable remote reading of data.



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